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Our operating principle of “personalized value-added service” allows us to take a personal interest in our clients and go the extra mile to advise, recommend and source the appropriate quality products and services, at competitive prices with timely delivery and utmost attention to details.  

We are experienced and familiar with the real estate & construction industry, building products, state of the art and environmentally friendly Green products.  We are also experienced and familiar with medical equipment/supplies as well as premium branding products.  We have coordinated and handled export/import shipping documentations and door-to-door global delivery of full and lesser than full load containers (LCL).  

Here is how we can help you!

  • Product Research – we verify product specifications, identify and recommend the most suitable quality products, furniture, fixtures & equipment (FF&E) and supplies. 
  • Comparative Shopping – we consult with several sources to identify the most appropriate products for the best prices, best quality, and timely delivery.
  • Current Pricing – we quote real time market prices. 
  • Personal Shopping Assistance– we can accompany USA visiting customers on shopping excursions to select and procure needed products and thereafter arrange global export shipping and delivery. 
  • International Online Purchases – we can coordinate delivery to shippers/freight-forwarders, verify purchases and arrange exportation from the USA.  
  • Shipping & Documentation – upon request, we arrange product delivery from any USA and global port and prepare needed trade compliance documentation for all size shipments.
  • Import Service/USA Market Development – we can assist you import selective goods into the USA and assist with new market development.  
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