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Benefits to you:

Time Savings

  • Project Schedule – you save travel time allowing on-time or earlier project completion.
  • Immigration Process – you eliminate time and hassle obtaining or renewing passports and visas and avoid airport security delays.
  • Single Point of Contact – you have a single voice negotiating and handling all your procurement needs, minimizing hassles and saving you valuable time.
  • Door - To - Door Service - Upon request, we arrange shipping of full and LCL containers, and can also arrange in country door to door delivery. We verify the contents of your shipment for accuracy.

Cost Savings

  • Competitive Pricing – you save dollars for bulk and full container loads.
  • Travel Expenses – you save airfares, accommodations, meals, and rental car costs (Typical savings of $1,800 – $3,000 per person/per trip).
  • Manufacturer Direct – we mainly purchase directly from manufacturers to pass-on savings to our customers.

Stress Reduction

  • Online Shopping – we can check your order for product verification and arrange export shipment/delivery to you.
  • Personal Shopping – we can accommodate you for a day shopping excursion and arrange purchase and delivery.
  • Export/Import – we prepare needed documentations and arrange shipping to port or door to door delivery.
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